My server files

My server has so many files. So I decided to show them. I have a cache folder that shows version caches. I also have 4 folders that consist of world generations for Minecraft. My server has a logs folder where they store the logs starting from 2 weeks ago. 

My server has a plugins folder where all of the plugins are stored. There are a total of 130 files and folders in the folder (not including files under the folder that is inside the plugins folder). All of the folders are said. I will now proceed with telling the files.

Banned players and IPs files are text files that show the IP of the banned player, the player’s UUID, and the reason why the player is banned. The bukkit.yml file shows the more technical stuff of Minecraft that isn’t part of a plugin. After bukkit.yml, we have commands.yml. It includes custom-made commands for managing plugins.

The next file is eula.txt which is a text file containing Minecraft’s EULA for server management. There is a file named help.yml which has no use if you have plugins that have the help command. “Paper.yml” is a file that is used to allow or deny exploit-related stuff in the server.

Permissions.yml is used for permission management. But on our server, we have a more advanced permission plugin which makes this file useless. Server.jar is the file used to run the server. Without this, the server will not run. is used to set up server properties. 

Spigot.yml is like paper.yml but it is used to connect this server to other servers. The last file is whitelist.json. It is used to list player names and UUID in whitelist mode. Whitelist mode is the private mode of a server. It is used in server maintenance.