How to create a Minecraft server from scratch

Minecraft was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. It was made public for Alpha and Beta testing in May 2009. After those, Minecraft officially released in November 2011. 

It has since been the most selling game of all time with two hundred million sales, so far from the second spot which is at one hundred and forty-five million sales.

Today, Minecraft has so many versions on so many platforms. Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft when they bought Mojang Studios in 2014. There is a monthly average of one hundred and twenty-six million players in this game. With the history of Minecraft said, let’s hop on how to make a paid Minecraft server from scratch.

Creating a paid Minecraft server needs a Minecraft server provider. You need to buy a game server from server hosting websites. Here are the best Minecraft server hosting websites.

When you buy a server it will give you a panel where you can configure and edit your server. Now this is where you pick what category of a Minecraft server you are going to pursue. There are so many categories on Minecraft you can choose. On my server, I chose Towny.

Towny is a semi-vanilla (semi-classic) type of Minecraft. It consists mainly of Vanilla Minecraft but with Economy. Create towns and dominate with nations. Start a monopoly and be insanely rich. 

I have 61 plugins installed on the server.

The most important out of all those plugins to start up a towny server are;

  1. Towny 
  2. Essentials
  3. Vault

To make your server customised to your own preference, you can add API plugins so you can make placeholders. For my server, I have two placeholder plugins. PlaceholderAPI and ProtocolLib. It is recommended to have just one, but almost half of my plugins are not compatible with the other API plugin so I got two. 

If you want your Towny server to have ranks to rank up with the economy, you can create a permissions plugin. I have luckperms for my server and rankup for the rankup plugin. This is great for the players not to get bored easily.

You can also have donator ranks that can be bought by real money to have advantages while playing on the server. For my server I have 3 donator ranks all with /fly (ability to fly) and /craft (ability to craft without a crafting table).

I also have staff ranks on my server. It consists of Owner, Admin, Moderator, Helper, and Trial. The ranks Owner, Admin, and Moderator have all perms except for the moderator not having access to the server panel. The trial and helper ranks have basic staff commands like banning and kicking players.

There are so many ways to customise a Minecraft server. The way that I did to customise my server is through config.yml.

There are some plugins that give a specific file to customise your plugin. Here is a photo of “Advanced Teleport” plugin.

This plugin has custom-messages.yml where you can customise the plugin as user friendly as possible. Here is a photo of the content of custom-messages.yml

For testing the server, either you can do a test on your own or release the server as beta to your friends. I did both but went with testing on my own first. Testing your own has advantages because you can know what the bug is. For beta testing, it is good when you have finished fixing all the major bugs so that you only have to do the minor bugs in the beta test.

When you feel like everything is done and there aren’t any bugs or errors in the server, you can now open the server for release. There are so many ways to advertise your server. One way without trying hard on social media is by doing voting plugins. 

Marketing is a great idea for making a server alive. Most servers die because of low funds. So for my server I did all possible items to be purchased and I also have a marketing expert which is also my website developer. 

We sell ranks, In-game money, and Tags that are useful for their gameplay. But before starting up a market, make sure that it is all accepted by the EULA of Minecraft. Minecraft EULA is Minecraft’s license agreement.