My Thoughts on AWS

AWS is a good and probably the best cloud service provider. It has so many services and features to be used and you don’t need other sites to get information/depend on. The only problem I noticed is that you got to have knowledge in AWS to use AWS properly. And it actually does not hurt learning even just the basics. After learning the basics you can get certified by AWS and use the knowledge in AWS itself or working with AWS.

AWS is useful everywhere in the world because they have data centers in almost all places. They have data centers that are close to one another in case a data center crashed, there will be a backup in the data center nearby to prevent your website to go down because the data center is also down.

AWS has an organized list of services in their menu like for storage they have Amazon EBS, Amazon S3 categorized. Same for Amazon RDS for databases, and Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate for servers.

Why is cloud computing important in today’s time?
It is important because people rely on technology. AWS has one important part of technology and the thing that separates them from other web hosting services is that AWS has all features on their website. You don’t need to go anywhere. For storage purposes, AWS is one of the trusted cloud service providers in the world.